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Launching our digital presence

Who would have ever thought that 2020 would bring such testing and unprecedented times for us all. Not only experiencing national Lock Downs for the first time in our lives, but seeing businesses from our high streets who have been integral pillars of our retail landscape disappear after decades of trade, was perhaps the most stark reality that this pandemic had the capability to set a new normal and tear apart entire communities.

Firstly from all of us here at the GWC family, we want to express our Thanks to all NHS staff and key workers for all of their hard work and endless support during the pandemic. We also want to send our love and thoughts to all of our customers and friends of the store who have felt the effect of Covid-19, it certainly has been a challenging time and one which we must come out of with a new set of values. Thankfully for us, after the three months of Lock Down, we were able to reopen on June 15th and welcome our customers back into store (socially distanced of course) ready to kit you all out for what was perhaps the best year for Summer holidays spent in the UK.

With the news that during the three months that we were all in Lock Down, online sales saw an huge surge in figures and what with Mark unable to sit still for longer than two minutes. We decided after reopening in June that a stronger online presence to bring GWC (and Mark) into the 21st Century would not only ensure that trade could continue throughout any future Lock Downs, but also making it easier for all of you to shop our extensive range of outdoor equipment in order to keep you all active wherever you might live.

So finally we would like to Thank you all for your continued support and whether you're in town or surfing the web, please pop in or send us a message as we love hearing from all our customers who have managed to find the time to get out and put their kit to some use this year. Follow us on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram for all updates and promotions happening in store and online, links to our socials can be found on our homepage.

From all of us here at GWC, please stay safe, be kind and together lets hope for a brighter and more positive future.

Be Lucky x

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