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Black Diamond Sprinter 275 Head Torch

Black Diamond Sprinter 275 Head Torch


Black Diamond's ultra-thin, well balanced USB-rechargeable headlamp that also runs on standard AAA batteries, the 275-lumen Sprinter275 is purpose-built for longer distance pre-dawn/post-sunset runs that require the reassurance of longer battery life. Now running on their new modular BD 1800 rechargeable battery, the Sprinter275 is modular, accepting either the rechargeable battery or standard AAA alkalines. In addition, a stormproof design keeps this ; going strong in any weather with regulation for constant illumination throughout the battery life.

    Colour: Blue
    • Emits 275 lumens on max setting
    • Perforated elastic headband for running
    • Red taillight strobe with on/off programmability for visibility in urban areas
    • Modular design with either:
      • 1800 Rechargeable mAh Lithium Ion Battery (included)
      • Standard AAA alkaline batteries
    • Six-setting 3 LED battery meter
    • PowerTap™ Technology
    • Multifaceted optical lens design
    • Settings include:
      • Full strength
      • Dimming
      • Strobe
    • IPX4: Storm proof—Tested to withstand rain and sleet from any angle.
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