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Lifeventure Travel Mirror

Lifeventure Travel Mirror


A handy travel mirror and case for the minimalist adventurer. This durable stainless steel mirror is light and compact and comes with a perfectly-fitting protective cover so you can chuck it in your backpack without a second thought. Mirrored on both sides, it also has a handy cord to fasten to your wash bag, rucksack or wear around your neck.

When you first take your travel mirror out of its case, there is one protected film side and one brushed metal side.

Travel Tip: Remove the protective film cover from the mirror before use.

Out of Stock
  • Durable stainless steel mirror
  • Protective suede-effect cover
  • Mirrored on both sides
  • Neck cord
  • Weight:22g

    Dimensions (packed):94 x 64 x 4mm

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