Storm Apparel Twin Pack 225ml

Storm Apparel Twin Pack 225ml


Within this you get all you need to care for your Technical Apparel. Apparel Wash, Apparel Proof.


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    Shake bottle, pour 75ml into conditioner compartment then wash following garment manufacturer’s guidelines. For optimum performance use Storm Wash in detergent compartment in the same cycle. Allow to drip dry then finish drying in a tumble dry.


    As an item of technical gear gets used the surface treatment that repels the water, the DWR, starts to age and become damaged.

    Maintaining a good program of care and cleaning will ensure the garment performs to its best for as long as possible, however there will come a time when the DWR requires replacing, this can be done by the domestic user with a simple wash in product. Our ECO proofer contains no harmful PFC’s and offers an excellent level of performance.

    Applying this revitalises a garment to as close as possible original performance. Washing in is the simplest way as can be done in the same wash cycle as the cleaning, saving on water and power as well as keeping washing to a minimum. To check if an item requires a little extra DWR then a simple test can be done, drip water on the other surface of the garment and if this run off then the DWR is working fine, if it clings to the surface or dampens the surface and the colour darkens then the addition of a proofer in the wash cycle would be worth while.

    The ECO proof requires a quick tumble or iron once it has been line dried for the heat to activate the DWR finish.

    Shake bottle and pour 75ml into detergent compartment. (If garment needs proofing use a Storm Proofer to suit). Wash following garment manufacturer’s care guidelines.


    Technical garments have a membrane and DWR coating that ensures the garment performs at its peak and is not absorbing water / wetting out. The DWR performance can be reduced by dirt, sweat, grease, washing powder and general use. Dirt and debris accumulates on the surface and in the microscopic pores of the fabric, it can then begin to lose breathability and water repellency. Therefore keeping garment clean ensures that it performs as intended.

    Proper cleaning revitalises the fabric without damaging any active DWR treatment. Using a domestic laundry detergent is not suitable when it comes to the care of technical outwear as it damages the DWR on the garment, as they contain many compounds which are not advantageous to the performance, bleaches, colour brighteners, enzymes and perfumes.

    When a garment is new and only dirty a clean may be all that is required. However an older garment may require a bit more care as it loses its water repellency over a time, this can be easily restored with addition of a proofer.