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Campingaz Twin Connection Regulator Kit

Campingaz Twin Connection Regulator Kit


The Campingaz® Twin Connection will increase your fuel options by allowing selected Campingaz® Refillable gas cylinder powered double burner stoves, grills and table-top barbecues to also be powered by a Campingaz® CV470 Plus cartridge through a single regulator and hose. It achieves this by having both the Campingaz® Refillable gas cylinder screw connection and the Campingaz® Easy Clic Plus cartridge connection as a single unit.


Either connection can be used to power the device, however, only one fuel source can be connected at any one time, preventing excessive gas flow. Both connections are simple to use and the Refillable cylinder connection also features an innovative rotating collar with screw thread to greatly simplify the cylinder connection process.


The Campingaz® Twin Connection is recommended for use on Campingaz® cylinder double burner appliances with a maximum 2000 Watts per burner and single burner appliances with a maximum 2500 Watts.

  • Combines both Campingaz® Refillable cylinder screw connection and Campingaz® Easy Clic Plus connection
  • Safety feature allows only one fuel source to be connected at any time, preventing excessive gas flow
  • Refillable cylinder connection features an innovative rotating collar and screw thread, simplifying connection to the cylinder
  • Gas hose and regulator included with two steel connector clips
  • Compatible with the following Campingaz Stoves: Base Camp, Camping Chef Folding Double Burner & Toaster, Camping Chef DLX Stainless Infrared, Camping Kitchen 2 Double Burner, Camping Kitchen 2 Grill & Go, Party Grill 400, 360 Grill Iron Grey, Attitude 2go
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