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Salomon Addikt Pro Ski with Z12 Bindings

Salomon Addikt Pro Ski with Z12 Bindings

£780.00 Regular Price
£580.00Sale Price

Designed for skiers addicted to spending every chance they get carving down the mountain, Salomon’s newest on-piste Addikt Pro set will instantly get you hooked. Featuring the innovative Motion Tail technology and a narrow waist make it a responsive yet forgiving ski that keeps it fun to mix short and long turns as you ski all day.

Colour: White / Black / Safety Yellow

Skier Level - Advanced - For skiers with a developed technique that are confident carving no matter the difficulty of the slope, the snow conditions, or their speed.

Turn Shape: Multi turns - Designed for smooth transitioning between shorter, slalom, turns and longer giant slalom-like ones, and everything inbetween.

Playful: The 66 Slalom sidecut make the ski super agile and playful, so you can mix short and long turns, at high or low speed, and full enjoy your day on-piste.

Responsive at speed: The ski's Woodcore and double TI construction is enhanced by Salomon's Blade technology to take your speed to the limit of your comfort zone whenever you choose to.

  • Waist - 66mm
  • Tip - 120mm
  • Tail - 102mm
  • Construction: Recycled ABS Sidewalls
  • Specific Features - Blade Technology: By fusing flexible polymer inserts into the TI layer, this innovative construction maintains the ski’s stiffness but adding the liveliness needed for high speed through the turn.
  • Specific Features: Motion Tail
  • Shape Profile: Racing Profile
  • Construction - Full Sandwich Sidewalls: Full Sandwich Sidewalls guarantees stability and precision, it enhances performance by providing good edge grip and smooth ski-to-snow contact.
  • Core - Full Poplar Woodcore: A full Woodcore construction maximizes liveliness, stability and ski-to-snow contact while filtering vibrations.
  • Reinforcement - Double Ti: Double layer of titanal, one on either side of the core, improves hard snow performance. It increases precision, offers a good edge grip and improves responsiveness.
  • Tail Protector: Increased ski longevity: keeping skis visually attractive even after intense use.
  • Tip protector: Increased ski longevity: keeping skis visually attractive even after intense use.
  • Plate: Plate F482
  • Binding (set): Z12 GW
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