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My name's Mark and that's my wife Kirsty stood next to me in the photo there. As you can see we enjoy the outdoors (well...some more than others) and our passion is something that we have managed to make our job. We first took up ownership of Great Western Camping back in 2001 when I was a Rep and Kirsty was juggling work and raising two small children and pregnant with our daughter. We had been married for four years and had recently moved to the small town of Dorchester to begin our new life as business owners of Dorchesters' only independent outdoor specialist retailer. 

Our dream and mission was to deliver excellent customer service whilst providing our customers with the best quality products. Throughout my time as a Rep I'd had seen outdoor specialists all across the country come and go. I knew that what Kirsty and I had in motivation and vision would be enough to create a reliable and trustworthy business for outdoor enthusiasts and beginners alike.


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